A Guide to Working Out on a Time Budget

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The number one reason why people do not exercise is because they think that they do not have time to work out. To overcome this hurdle, you must realize that this is a convenient lie you have convinced yourself to believe to avoid getting in the workout your body needs. If you tell yourself that you don’t have time to work out, you are saying that you do not have time to dedicate to living a healthy, full life. Use the following suggestions to help you work out on a time budget.

Make the Time to Workout

Many people who claim not to have the time to work out, interestingly enough, do not miss their regularly scheduled television program, nor do they miss the hottest party on the block! It is because they make time for the things they feel are important to them. This illustrates misplaced priorities; making time to work out is making a commitment to taking care of you and should override less important, leisurely activities. You must make yourself schedule in time to exercise just as you would schedule meetings with important clients and appointments at the hair salon.

As you plan your weekly schedule, before anything else schedule in your workout. Experts suggest that you should work out at least 30 minutes per day three to four times per week, which comes up to about an hour and a half to two hours of your time per week. If you find that you have to wake up a few hours earlier to have time for exercise (or go to bed an hour or so later), then do so. Compared to the rest of the time you have in your week, those two hours are more than worth the benefits you will reap from them.

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Preplan Your Workout

One of the most effective ways to make time for your workout is to plan what you are going to do before you start or before you hit the gym. If you have a plan of what you want to achieve before you hit the gym – such as performing 30 minutes of cardio, or working out the muscles of your upper body on the machine circuit – you will use your time much more effectively than if you go in aimlessly without a goal in mind. Make the most of the time that you take out of your schedule for a quality, well-thought out workout.

Combine Tasks

If you really must see who gets eliminated this week on that hot new reality TV show, then find a way to combine your workout with your entertainment time. There are plenty of ways to do this. Many gyms have televisions and even exercise machines like elliptical that have televisions embedded into them, allowing you to watch your favorite programs while you exercise. You can also make your workout time your social time by inviting a friend with similar fitness goals to come and exercise with you. Pairing up has the added benefit of giving you a sense accountability, and you can catch up on the latest gossip after an afternoon jog.

Honor Your Schedule!

Just making the schedule and having a plan, however, is not enough; you must make sure that you honor your work out schedule. In the same way you would not cancel out on a date or hair styling appointment, you should not cancel your exercise appointment. Taking care of your body is a higher priority than seeing who won what academy award; it is the only body that you have, and you should always put taking care of it and yourself first.

Before beginning any workout regimen, be sure to consult your physician or health consultant.

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