The Need for Insects in Our World

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There are 9 million species of insects in our world and to most people, they’re all yucky. What is it about insects that makes our skin crawl and gives us the creeps? Is it the antennae? The stingers? The fact that they suck our blood? Is it that they crawl, that they eat our leftovers, or that they have all those legs? Who can really put their finger on why insects assault us so extremely? All most people know is that they just do.

The Truth About Insects

One reason most people dislike insects is because they come into our homes. They build webs, crawl on counter tops, buzz in our ears and even bite us while we sleep. Who could love something like that? Even though we may have a real distaste for the insect kingdom they absolutely love our world.

Only a fraction of the insects on the planet have the ability to harm a human – physically. Some may aggravate but only few can do damage. Is it these few that cause us to hate all the rest? There are those who don’t mind insects, even like bugs. If you knew the facts about bugs you may not learn to like them but you might learn to tolerate them just a little easier.

Insects are here to help us in a variety of ways. They pollinate flowers, which give us beauty in our world. They pollinate crops so that we may eat, and they even pollinate the rain forests which are responsible for a large part of our air supply. And, they kill other insects which try to destroy our crops.

Source: Unsplash

In the great outdoors it’s possible for millions of insects to live in a single acre. Without insects the forests would be doomed. Insects help to decompose dead animals as well as waste from plants and animals alike. As animals travel through the forest they lose tons of fur and hair, which insects help to decompose. Insects also provide endless meals for birds, frogs, fish and mammals.

Insects give us silk, honey, and beeswax. We also use them or their bi-products for shellacs, dyes and medicines. In some countries, insects are a food source and even a delicacy. Insects even do their part for medical research.

It is expected that if all insects would disappear from the planet so would all people. Plants and crops would die out, causing the deaths of thousands of people and animals. Dung would accumulate causing disease and plagues. They are a necessary part of the ecosystem and without them fish, birds and other mammals would have no food.

Although most people think they could live without insects it’s a fact that our world needs them to survive. As unpleasant as that is it’s better to live with them than die without them. The next time you think of stomping an insect try to view him as an important part of our lives rather than a nuisance. You might decide you kind of like the little guy.

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