Three Common Damaging Dog Training Blunders!

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Most people say that dog training is very easy, but it is really not as easy as people may it seem. It really depends on your dog, such as the breed, background, as well as their disposition. On the other hand, there are several things that you could actually be doing that are reversing the dog training rather than achieving it.

Ground Rules

Once you begin training your dog, there should be several ground rules set in place. For example, when you build a house, if the house is built on a bad foundation then the house will result in not being strong and could fall down at any point. These mistakes with dog training are along the same lines.

Shouting and Yelling

First of all, an easy thing you may find yourself doing is shouting. It is very easy to aggravated and frustrated when training your dog, but your dog’s progress may be unreachable if the yelling continues. The yelling is something important that needs to be kept under control at all times. You should have goals set for yourself, not just your dog. When speaking to your dog and trying to get him or her to achieve the training, it’s important to speak in a calm voice rather than a yelling voice; otherwise, your dog’s training progress may go right down the drain!

Length of Session

Second, one session should not be longer than approximately 15 minutes. Too long of sessions can cause your dog to get bored and lose attention to what its owner is doing. Dogs have shorter attention spans than people do. If you try to do a session that lasts 30 minutes or an hour, your dog will become aggravated just as you will.


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Praise Your Dog

Third and last of all, don’t forget to praise or treat your dog when they do as you have said. This is one mistake that many owners often forget because it’s so easy to forget every once in a while. However, once your dog realizes they get a treat when they have obeyed, they begin to expect it and if it’s not given, the dog tends to lose confidence as they may feel they did incorrectly. This could cause your dog to not successfully progress in its dog training.

Hopefully now you will be able to avoid making these dog training mistakes by keeping what you have learned in this article with you while you train your dog. Remember, making these mistakes can actually do more harm than if you never trained your dog at all!


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