Tips for Reducing Stress

reducing stress

Tips for Reducing Stress

Are you stressed out? Studies have shown that stress can actually have a positive effect on our lives when we have a certain amount that helps us in completing difficult tasks. However, it’s quite another thing when it starts having negative effects on our mind and body. What’s a stressed person to do? The good news is there are tons of different steps you can take to reduce your stress level and feel more relaxed. Here are some of the best options:

1. Listen to music
This is definitely one of the best options if you want to relax. Studies show it can benefit your mind and body and provide results like reducing the stress-related hormone cortisol and lowering your blood pressure. What kind of music should you listen to? It’s advisable to go with mellow music like classical, jazz, adult contemporary, etc. If there’s a heavy beat it can have the opposite effect and cause your blood pressure to increase.

2. Do yoga/meditation
These are great ways to focus on other things besides what’s causing the stress in your life. It’s a good idea to do these activities every day if possible. If you can it can help to reduce your stress and help you to relax more in your everyday life. Yoga is especially helpful because it not only improves your mental health but also your physical health.

3. Talk to a friend/relative
This is an easy yet effective way to take when you’re stressed out. Studies show that having positive relationships with friends and family can provide many health benefits in terms of stress. In fact, just talking to an old friend for a minute or two can provide many benefits and help you to feel more at ease. Today there are several ways to communicate with your loved ones including video chat, social media, email, and others. So there’s no reason not to contact important people in your life and have a friendly chat with them.

4. Start a new hobby
It’s never too late in life to take up a new hobby. Make sure it’s one that you’ll enjoy doing in the long term. That will help with issues like getting bored over time. Studies show that doing a hobby can provide many health benefits. It can help to clear your mind and reduce stress levels. Make sure to work on your hobby whenever you can like during evenings or weekends. This will help to give you a break from your daily stressful life and focus on the hobby instead.

5. Herbal tea
There’s a big debate about whether or not coffee or tea are healthier. If you’re having issues with stress then herbal tea is definitely a better option than sugary iced teas on the market, for example. Drinking green tea can help to lower your blood pressure and calm your nervous system. Add some milk and lemon to add some extra flavor since herbal tea can be somewhat bitter.

6. Get a good night’s sleep
Experts say that adults need about 7-9 hours per sleep. This can provide all sorts of health benefits and also reduce stress. Make sure that you’re getting uninterrupted quality sleep. That includes steps like turning off your mobile devices, drinking some herbal tea, and avoiding sodas and coffee close to bedtime.

7. Self-reflection
You could even take this step by talking to yourself out loud. Just make sure you’re not in public or you might get some stares. What’s important is to reflect on the various tasks you have. Convince yourself that you can complete them and tell yourself that everything will be OK.

Sometimes we get stressed out in part because we don’t have confidence in our abilities and/or ourselves. Taking time to talk yourself through the situation can be very effective.

8. Get some exercise
It doesn’t really matter if you walk, run, bike, swim, or skateboard. What’s important is you get your body and blood moving. This helps to release endorphins which boost your mood. Exercise is especially important today because many people are living sedentary lifestyles sitting in front of a computer. This can have a lot of negative physical effects and also boost stress.

9. Maintain a healthy diet
A big mistake people make when they’re stressed out is to eat comfort foods that are high in fat, sugar, and salt. The problem is these types of foods can actually make the situation worse by boosting your blood pressure. That can make the situation worse because you might get even more stressed. A better option is a healthy snack like raw veggies and dip, tuna sandwich, or trail mix. These are tasty snacks and can provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to function well.

10. Enjoy the Great Outdoors
Are you a fan of hiking, camping, or hunting/fishing? If so then you might want to take more weekend trips to enjoy natural environments. The activities and scenery can provide many benefits for your mind and body. The fresh air, wildlife, and other factors can help to reduce your stress level. Studies show even the color green can have a relaxing effect on people’s minds. So just being surrounded by green grass, shrubs, and leaves can help you to relax more.

11. Have a good laugh
Studies show that laugher can improve your mood and lower hormones that cause stress including adrenaline and cortisol. What happens is your nervous system is tricked into making you happy. There are many options like comedy movies, standup routines, funny pet videos, and so on. These are all great options because they’ll get you laughing and reducing stress levels.

12. Take some deep breaths
This might be a surprising one. Why should you practice breathing? Studies show that spending time taking deep breaths can help lower your blood pressure, clear your mind, and reduce stress. It’s important to spend 5+ minutes doing this exercise every day. Make sure to take deep breaths and focus 100% of your mind on the breathing and nothing else.

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